Francesco Antimiani was born in Terni in 1972.
He's a versatile artist, graduated with honors in piano and singing.
Teacher of technical and vocal interpretation, he debuted in 1992 with "Recitar Cantando" group of Fausto Razzi in Rome and since then has always worked in musical theater as a singer, actor, director, composer and author, including conferences and workshops on the history of the genre.

His experience with musical theater dates back to 1991, when he made his debut in a production of "Forza Venite Gente" in Umbria (Italy).
In the following years he devoted himself mainly to the opera. As a baritone he debuted several roles in important Italian theaters. The most important were:

From 2000 to 2003 he was a member of the opera choir of the Arena di Verona.
Antimiani is also a great performer of sacred and chamber music, ranging from the baroque to the German Lied, until Gershwin and Piazzolla.
He was one of the soloists of the first modern performance of "The Raising of Lazarus" by Perosi (which was released on cd) to the "Sagra Musicale Umbra" and the "Missa Pacis" of Amintore Galli the "Festival Malatesta" in Rimini.
He also participated in many first performances of oratorios and contemporary works by authors such as Carlo Pedini, Giacomo Manzoni, Matteo D'Amico.
He has won prizes in various national and international competitions and in the '90s he was the director of the Choir "Citta' di Terni".

After these experiences, he abandoned the world of opera and permanently dedicated to the theater:

Antimiani is also a well'known teacher.

  • Since 2003 he holds a chair in Modern Singing at the Istituto Musicale "A. Vivaldi" in Bolzano.
  • in 2010 he founded the "OffBroadway" company in Verona, formed by its most promising students. The company, of which he is artistic director, plays only original shows, written by himself or in collaboration with friends and colleagues.

Many of his students starred in important shows and events in all Europe.

Antimiani currently lives in Valeggio sul Mincio, near Verona.